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Many prospective fun-car owners are wondering how Fiat matches up to the dominant vehicle in its class ... MINI Cooper. Here are some un-biased reports from famous car experts making the comparison.

Quotes from Car and Driver:

"... MINI is very much a luxurious sport compact"

"... [Fiat] has very light steering at low speeds"

"... one thing MINI has going for it is 20 more horsepower ... never uncomfortable ... yet really quiet"

"... the fact is the MINI's powertrain is more felxible, it's chasis is more capable and it offers overall greater comfort"

"... there's no doubt that the Fiat 500 has style but the MINI has both style and agility"
MINI vs. Fiat - MSN Review

"Both the MINI and the Fiat react quickly to steering input ... Of the two, the MINI has quicker moves, with sharper steering and less body lean in turns."

"While both cars ride well, they also suffer for their short wheelbases .. The problem is worse in the Fiat ... The MINI has an independent rear suspension that isolates bumps side-to-side."

"Both of the manual transmissions are easy to shift. The automatics work well enough with each engine, but Fiat drivers especially will find themselves needing to downshift to maintain speed on long grades ... the MINI is quicker, accelerating from zero to 60 mph in a little over eight seconds, while the Fiat is in the mid-nines."

"Winner: MINI Cooper"